Reinhard's Revelation:
Radio is 2.5x More Loyal Than TV!

Keith Reinhard is not only a classy gentleman, but a giant in the advertising industry. He is chairman/CEO of DDB Needham Worldwide, fifth largest agency in the nation and sixth largest in the world. He was also the presenter of this year's $ 100,000 first prize Mercury Award.

Keith Loves Radio
Keith did the following for the Detroit Radio Advertising Group's "Creative Get Me Radio Presentation"-- only wish you could hear the audio version because the passion in his voice makes the following far more vivid. Keith says: "We love Radio at our agency. In fact, we are one of the heaviest users of Radio among U.S. advertising agencies and we use it just as extensively in our major overseas markets. We like Radio for all of its well-known targeting and frequency characteristics, but also for a couple of other reasons.

"First of all, loyalty. Even though the listener/viewer has about the same number of choices on Radio as television, Radio listeners are roughly two and half times more loyal. This loyalty characteristic is important, not only because we have a better chance of reaching the same listener again and again, but also because our studies show that audiences loyal to a particular media vehicle are much more receptive to advertising messages carried by that vehicle.

"Secondly, as a creative man, I like the fact that we can paint more accurate pictures on Radio instead of asking viewers to identify with a 'typical family at a typical table' as portrayed in a television commercial. For example, we can call up the precise images of a million different families, at a million different tables by saying in a Radio commercial, Tonight, as your family sits down to dinner,' and so on. At that moment, each listener pictures his or her own family, whatever its makeup may be at his or her own dinner table, just as you are picturing your family at your dinner table right now. "The power of Radio is enormous and we will continue to endorse its special strengths to all our clients and prospects."

The Loyalty Factor
When you listen to what Keith has to say, it's obvious he understands that marketing effectiveness depends on reaching the same listener again and again. Unfortunately, most Radio planners/buyers are still too willing to sacrifice frequency in order to build reach ... but as we move deeper and deeper into this era of niche marketing, the battles will be won by those who target more narrowly, tailor their messages, and achieve repeat impressions and multiple contacts.

Perhaps some of you can develop a formula utilizing Reinhard's 2 1/2 times loyalty factor to make a more realistic cost-per-point evaluation. The research on the loyalty factor was done by DDB Needham.

If nothing else, introducing Reinhard's loyalty factor opens the door and gets past just the numbers, allowing you to review the definable difference of your stations' personalities, success stories, results, etc.

In my opinion, Radio is enormously underrated so hopefully the loyalty factor can expand the numbers. My primary purpose of sharing Keith's good words with you is to expand your creative thinking on how we can better position the great mobile medium — Radio. Sell creatively and sell with passion: "You take the passion out of buying and selling, there isn't much left."

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