Our country, our economy and our Fabulous R-A-D-I-O industry all need an extra shot of ENTHUSIASM!

All those clichés are true – like… “NOTHING HAPPENS WITHOUT ENTHUSIASM.” It’s time for R-A-D-I-O people to get ENTHUSIASTIC AND MAKE IT HAPPEN.

“You” and your ENTHUSIASM can truly make a difference, and here’s how. The automotive industry accounts for one out of every seven people employed in the United States – so if auto sales start to roll – our country and our economy go forward in a hurry.

The Japanese and Germans proved they can manufacture on our level. But, America still has the best “MARKETEERS,” S-E-L-L-E-R-S in the world There is absolutely no doubt, R-A-D-I-O has some of the best salespeople in the world. And no one – that is no one – has more ENTHUSIASM than R-A-D-I-O PEOPLE.

So take that FABULOUS ENTHUSIASM and that GREAT KNOWLEDGE and go sell every automotive dealer in your town. They will love you because “R-A-D-I-O IS THE BEST SALES VEHICLE TO DRIVE POTENTIAL BUYERS INTO THE SHOWROOM.”

We need to understand the automotive dealer’s business and build some common-ground friendships and relationships on the way to the top to sell them. Those words from Arnold Palmer’s agent, Mark McCormick, who wrote the book What They Don’t Teach You at Harvard Business School … “All things being equal, people like to buy from their friends; all things being unequal, people still like to buy from their friends.” So, be more sensitive, more friendly to automotives and you will make those breakthroughs. Get those sales wheels rolling today – the dealers need you and R-A-D-I-O

ENTHUSIASM is The Single Most Important Commodity In Selling. The Highest Paid Quality On Earth.