What things are you doing to be different? In a day and age in which the bulk of your communications may be by computer and fax, do your customers really know you? Out of sight, out of mind.

I submit, that in the current environment, your career could be at a crossroads if you don’t learn to balance mechanical selling with personal selling. Those who just do the mechanical sale will soon be getting mechanics’ wages. Companies are not going to pay big dollars to sellers who are trapped behind their desks when they can replace them with young, inexpensive college grads to whom they can teach the mechanical art of selling overnight.

It’s very conceivable that in our era of instant communications, personalized selling (face-to-face) becomes more important than it has ever been. I am not suggesting that you shouldn’t take full advantage of the new tools in communications. Those who can’t adjust to the new environment probably don’t have to worry about being too exciting.

Harvey MacKay, author of Swimming with the Sharks, says relationship marketing is paramount. You have to know your customers. Now, you may be saying, “At this point, I’m sold, but what can I do to be more exciting?”

Make more face-to-face calls and be well-prepared with knowledge. An office can be the road map to knowing and understanding your buyer. You can learn a lot by just opening your eyes and observing -photographs on the wall of family, sports, etc.

You’re only limited by your imagination. Those who know me know that I’ve done a lot of wild things – showing up in a tiger coat, dribbling a basketball, having a marching band. You don’t have to be as crazy as I am. Find your own comfort level and then, as the ad says, “Just do it.”

I still show up for morning calls with the best doughnuts and bagels that money can buy. It opens all doors clear to the penthouse. At one of the automotive companies that spends $1.6 billion, the door is always open for me because the gatekeepers appreciate the goodies along with the professionalism. That doesn’t mean that showmanship is more important than knowledge, but in tandem, you have the opportunity to be a superstar.

Be exciting, be knowledgeable, be professional.  Have some fun and good selling.