Being fabulous is an attitude.  It has become a way of life with me.  I sign the majority of my letters “Be Fabulous,” which has become my trademark.  “Be Fabulous,” is my way of pumping myself up, getting the adrenaline flowing and making sure I have a positive mental attitude.  Maybe “Be Fabulous” can help you as it helped me.  But first….how all this craziness started.  Years ago, when I was brand new to the Radio business, I was making my first call with founder of our company, Bob Eastman.  Needless to say, I was a little nervous, and Bob related how he conquered his nervousness in the following manner.

When the receptionist would say, “Your appointment is ready,” he would start down the corridor.  To bolster his confidence, he would say “Be Fabulous,  Be Enthusiastic, Be Exciting.”

For the record, I have never made a call or a presentation since that time for which I haven’t said those words to myself -“Be Fabulous,  Be Enthusiastic, Be Exciting”….. and then acted accordingly.  Obviously, along the way, I’ve added a lot of other dimensions of meaningful knowledge, professional tools, etc.  but the thrust of “Be Fabulous” remains the same.

In a day  and age of branding, what are you doing to make a lasting impression on your clients?  Do you do something to set yourself ahead of the pack in a positive manner?  If you can develop your own “Be Fabulous” approach, not only will you find it rewarding, but you’ll have more fun.

Recently, I heard someone say that salespeople have a lot in common with cattle – they’re just one of the herd.  That hurts because I think selling is one of the most meaningful professions in the world.  As you’ve heard many times, nothing happens until something is sold.  In an era when so much of selling is mechanical – with computers, faxes, E-mail – it makes you want to work overtime at being professional and special.

Over the years, as “Be Fabulous” has evolved, it has become my way of encouraging others to be the best that they can be.  You have to have a great positive feeling about yourself before you can make it happen with others.

May I say, “Be Fabulous, Be Enthusiastic, Be Exciting.”