Radio Is A Great Partnership Medium With The Internet

The internet is a digital medium consisting of a vast number of public computers connected to a wide variety of networks. The Internet’s primary function is to access information but you need equipment (computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, internet provider,) to do so and, in most situations, there is a monthly fee (from your internet provider) for this access.

Consumers use the internet when they know what they need and are focused on finding it. Websites depend on the hierarchy in various search engines, the information contained on the website and how attractive/important it is to the viewer. Using only the internet to advertise, your website’s reach totally depends on these criteria.

Radio can help drive traffic to websites due to its unique reach pattern. Radio plus the internet, especially when accessed via a mobile device, is the ultimate in immediacy. This specific combination will reach out and touch your customers in the early stages of decision-making. If they hear your name, then see your website, your product of service will already be familiar. Now you”re not just another website, you are a trusted friend.

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