Creativity is the magic word for success in Radio.

A national advertiser (any advertiser) can spend a substantial sum of money on a Radio campaign – but if the creativity is lacking, the advertiser has lost a bundle and the campaign is doomed.

The absence of creativity is probably the major reason there is approximately a 50 percent annual turnover of national Radio accounts. Radio is not alone in the need for greater creativity. It is the make or break point on any national advertising campaign.

Radio’s creativity is the advertiser’s key to one of the great sales vehicles- the automobile – a Radio with four wheels. It can sell prospects right behind the steering wheel all the way to the point of purchase – moving products to the most captive audience in America.

A great Radio commercial demands greater talent and creativity than in any other medium. Why- Because you’re only limited by the size of the mind and the imagination. For instance, close your eyes and visualize the following: the smell of a new car. Isn’t that refreshing- You’re probably ready to go out and start looking for a new car now.

The Tongue Can Paint What the Eye Can’t See

Radio is an ideal sales vehicle to stretch the imagination as well as the mind. What better medium to sell the great aromas of perfume, shaving lotion, a warm vegetable soup for lunch or the smell of turkey and ham cooking- There is no way you could convert these wonderful aromas to picture or film but the visualization in the mind can be overwhelming. All great Radio takes place in your mind. The characters and situations you identify with, the taste, smells, emotion, all come to life through the power of your imagination.

Bill Ludwig, executive vice president, creative director, Lintas: Campbell-Ewald wrote a great article for our Detroit Radio Advertising Group titled: “See What I’m Saying.” It does a masterful job explaining how creative can take advantage of the “Theater Of The Mind.” I think the article is so good that I’m going to ask Eric Rhoads, Publisher of Radio Ink, to replace one of my future Master articles with Ludwig’s very powerful essay. Incidentally, Ludwig is the heart behind the very successful Chevrolet “Heartbeat” campaign.

Be Fabulous.