Working women are a powerful and influential source in our economy, Working women spend 63 percent of their media time with Radio. Check around your own workplace to see how real this number is, Women have gained power from the boardroom to be elected leaders. Women have now served in most Cabinet posts, and we have our first woman secretary of state and attorney general.

Women are better educated, graduating more than men from either high school or college, and are in high-paying fields, such as law, medicine, veterinary medicine, and accounting, Nearly 25 percent of all married women in America earn more than their husbands.

Numbers to Sell by:

  • 46% of the work force (60,800,000 people) are working women.

  • 8 million own their own businesses.

  • $2.3 trillion are generated by women-owned businesses.

  • 53% of all shareholders are women.

  • 80% of all checks are written by women.

  • 86% of the wealth of the nation is controlled by women.

Nobody’s Home

The packaged-goods people and other heavy users of daytime TV have long been chasing the so-called housewife. The problem is, she’s no longer at home. She’s the working woman, and outside of New York, she’s going to work in an automobile and listening to Radio. Radio has the inside track to reach these on-the-go working women because they’re in the fast lane, dropping kids off at daycare, going to the cleaners, the supermarket etc Generally speaking, the busier people are, the better prospects they make.

Radio, the Mobile Medium

Automotive manufacturers, pay attention. Detroit, you better stop retooling those factories and start building cars based on women’s lifestyles. While American men are buying foreign imports in droves, American women (74 percent) continue to buy American. Women already make up 50 percent of passenger-car buyers, and 41 percent of all vehicle buyers, including light trucks. And you can rest assured these percentages are only going to increase. Remember, an automobile is a Radio with four wheels.

Working Women are Heavy Radio Listeners

Last year, an Interep study based on Simmons Research concluded that Radio reaches 80 percent of women in all key buying demographics weekly, More than half of all working women work outside the home – 72 percent when you look at women aged 25-54,

The report finds that women are 21 percent more likely to be heavy Radio listeners than the average adult. When indexed for adults 18+, Radio at a 121 index beats out women’s magazines (115), newspapers (110), cable (95), and broadcast television (77). In capturing the attention of working women, Radio reaches all female demos, working and nonworking, with the highest reach in the I 8-to-44 range.

USA Today recently pointed out what 25-54 women and men do while surfing the Internet: 62 percent listen to Radio. So Radio not only gets you while you’re on the move, but it also becomes an interactive medium that allows you to get the commercial to buyers at the same time they’re on their computers.

The explosion in technology, coupled with women in the work force, has set up a dynamic springboard to have far greater influence than ever before, You can now reach this busy female consumer in her home, in her workplace, in her automobile and on her computer. Use Radio to target your message to this ever-growing and important female audience, and your place in the new millennium will be an immeasurable success.